2017-05-30 02:44:20 by EzekielH

It has taken me a while, but I going to start making games. I just had to find the right software, and that software is Stencyl. Because, Im not a professional when it comes to coding and Stencyl is good for the postition I'm in right now. Also Stencyl is pretty easy to understand personally, but there is some stuff I gotta understand first, and when I do there will be a game submitted in the future.


Game Dreamer

2017-03-25 22:18:45 by EzekielH

Ive been doing alot of random stuff and got really sick of it, so im made a project for myself. It going to be a series of works about day dreaming about being in a game. Nothing special, just a way for me to organize my thoughts. To any one reading this thank you very much and i hope you like the stuff Im putting out.

What I have in store

2016-01-31 00:30:42 by EzekielH


On of my Thesis pieces










Recently, I watch this video of Almed Aldoori, a talented artist and it gave me a new perspective on what I should be doing as a artist. If I want to work for a company, become a freelance artist, or just love the feeling of making something. In any kind of way, it could be a little doodle in class, or thorough research that results in a well thought out art piece. A few days ago, my thesis was due and I didn't  really like it, because of how it turned out. I thought I was letting people down and the thought gave me headaches. I didn't know what to, because I would stay up all night trying to finish my thesis. With the intent to impress my peers, my superiors, and family. The result was me being very stressed out my mind and not being abled to think straight. But, it was all mental, I made something I seriously cared about and I loved to do it, because how many hours I put into it and how far I pushed myself. Not only as a artist, but a person.

If you want more information on my thesis and the process (here), Should be uploading my 3/3 process critique on sunday or monday.

Also, my artwork every 2 weeks starts  5/01/2016, so stay tuned.

Don't self destruct

Do You Feel It?

2016-01-21 00:47:44 by EzekielH

\This has been a stressful week.

Right now I'm trying to finish my thesis for my Art class. It's about social relationship and what happens to someone with no connection to anyone. look at my blogger and see what you think of it....I forgot...


I noticed 4 months in, I'm a senior in high school, I have important things to do. For the most part I'm getting a job, that's great, because I need some stuff. Also, in the future I'm planning on  creating/developing a game, making a tumblr and a deviantart.



After this week I will start uploading something every 2 weeks. It could be a illustration, pixel art, random posts, or some of my gifs. Leave it to the Imagination.  Doing this will keep me on my toes, stop getting lazy.


Gotta stay squadly